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About Us

How It Started

Welcome to Ginger Hart Tea! We are a family-owned business that embodies the essence of healing through the time-honored tradition of natural remedies. Our journey began with the steadfast dedication of our beloved matriarch, Robena Lowry, who instilled in us the profound wisdom of nurturing our bodies through holistic means.


Robena's commitment to wellness and her belief that "You only get one body" laid the foundation for our family's holistic approach to health. She emphasized the importance of wholesome, healthful meals and introduced us to the incredible healing properties of ginger. When illness struck, she chose ginger tea over conventional cough syrups, opting for nature's remedy before turning to synthetic products.


Robena's experiences led her to discover that ginger tea was a potent elixir capable of swiftly combatting colds, flu symptoms, and various ailments, often providing relief in just a couple of days. Her dedication to natural remedies became a legacy, inspiring her children and now, grandchildren, to continue this tradition of caring for our bodies in a natural, nurturing way.

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The Founders

Ginger Hart Tea! was born out of the shared passion and dedication of Robena's daughters and daughter-in-law: Tenysha, Jermella , and Kara. Motivated by five decades of tried-and-tested family recipes, they embarked on a mission to share Robena's invaluable ginger tea recipes with the world.


These treasured recipes, passed down through generations, have been a cornerstone of the Warren family's health for five decades. Their remarkable efficacy has aided in combating colds, flu, managing high blood pressure, sugar levels, alleviating asthma symptoms, addressing constipation, and more.

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Our Mission

At Ginger Hart Tea!, our mission is to bring the healing power of ginger to your cup. We are committed to sharing our family's heritage of natural wellness, offering time-honored recipes that have nurtured generations and continue to embrace the holistic beauty of healing from nature's bounty.


Join us on this journey of wellness, where the legacy of a mother's love and the healing properties of ginger converge to nurture your body and uplift your spirit. Experience the warmth, goodness, and healing essence of Ginger Hart Tea! as we strive to help you care for the body you were born with - the only one you'll ever have.

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